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Based in London, I'm a Research Psychologist Chartered with the British Psychological Society, and an Executive and Leadership Coach in training with Tavistock Consulting. 

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Based in London, I'm a Research Psychologist chartered with the British Psychological Society, and a Leadership & Executive coach in training with Tavistock Consulting on their renowned Executive Coaching Programme. 

As a psychologist and coach I work with 'below the surface' patterns of relating, or 'attachment styles' to help families, social work teams, charities and businesses cope more effectively. 

For over twenty-five years I've offered consultancy and training in applied psychology to local authorities and children's charities. I specialise in the use of evidence-based interviews and locating people's strengths and vulnerability factors within the wider family and care systems they operate within. I also undertake service evaluations. 

As a leadership and executive coach, I work authenticity and with sensitivity to create effective and safe learning environments for my clients. Working in this reflective way, allows people to take some time to pause and consider what more 'below the surface' issues are at play within today's often complex organisational environments. We work together to raise their self-awareness, meet their developmental goals and increase their levels of effectiveness in their leadership roles and tasks.