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Based in London, I'm a research psychologist Chartered with the British Psychological Society, and a leadership and executive  coach in training with Tavistock Consulting. 

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I'm a Chartered Research Psychologist and an Executive and Leadership coach. I work with people to develop their understanding of 'below the surface' patterns of relating, helping them to manage transitions, change and uncertainty.

For over twenty-five years, in my applied psychology career I’ve brought consultancy, training, and knowledge exchange from academia to a range of social care organisations. I specialise in the use of evidence-based interview assessments, which help identify people's strengths and vulnerability factors within wider family and care systems. My team’s research is widely published in peer-reviewed and practice journals. You can find some of this research findings here. I also undertake service evaluations for charities and local authorities.

I offer developmental coaching for individual executives and managers with a particular focus on working with organisational contexts and dynamics. I am currently working towards Senior Practitioner status with the European Mentoring Coaching Council, as part of Tavistock Consulting’s renowned Executive Coaching Programme.

Today, the workplace environment is often pressurised, fast-paced and complex. Coaching conversations with me provide leaders with much needed time and space to pause, process and allow fresh solutions to emerge.

My current coaching clients include individuals in architecture, public health, charities, local authorities, higher education, and corporate settings. As a coach I work authentically and sensitively to create safe learning environments for my clients. We will work reflectively and collaboratively allowing you to develop and grow to meet your potential. Typical coaching contracts are for six sessions, usually at monthly intervals, giving us time to explore your leadership identity and goals in depth.