Research Background

This page summarises my  employment history and published research papers.


  • Independent  Assessment:  Attachment Style Interview and Parenting Role Interviews and reports for children's services and adoption and fostering agencies.
  • Honorary Research Psychologist Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies, Middlesex University (2012- Ongoing):  I am training lead at the Centre for Abuse & Trauma Studies. specialising in training interview measures for psychosocial risks using the Attachment Style Interview, Parenting Role Interview, Q Pack & Childhood Experience of Care & Abuse Interview for  children’s services and practitioners. Recent evaluations for St Michael's' Fellowship Young Father's Outreach work (2023) and Securing Change service (2021). Recent team training for the Jersey Government, Isle of Man Government, Adoption teams in the UK and researchers and practitioners in Estonia, Australia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, USA and Denmark.
  • Lifespan Training Courses: Full information can be found at
    Centre for Abuse & Trauma Studies: Full information can be found at


For the majority of my career I worked with the Lifespan Research Group (which then became the Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies), with Professor Antonia Bifulco, Professor George Brown and  Professor Tirril Harris.  Between 1995-1999 I was involved with a Medical Research Council funded project investigating how life events, childhood adversity and psychosocial risk factors impact upon levels of depression, anxiety and substance abuse.  Over my career I work with assessment interviews for childhood neglect and abuse, adult stress and coping, attachment style, self-esteem, relationship with partner, parenting behaviours and psychiatric disorders across the lifespan. In the 1990s I also had a research post at the Institute of Psychiatry working on the Twins Early Developmental Study.

Academic published papers

  •  Bifulco, Antonia, Jacobs, Catherine, Oskis, Andrea, Cavana, Francesca and Spence, Ruth (2019) Lifetime trauma, adversity and emotional disorder in older age women. Maltrattamento E Abuso All’infanzia: Rivista Interdisciplinare | Child Abuse and Maltreatment: Interdisciplinary Journal, 21 (2) pp. 29-43.
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  • Bifulco, A., Schimmenti, A.,Jacobs, C.,Bunn, A., and Rusu, A. C. (2014). Risk factors and psychological outcomes of bullying victimization: A community-based study. Child Indicators Research, 7(3), 633-648.
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Attachment Style and Parenting published papers

  • The child attachment style interview (Child-ASI) and depression: preliminary findings Bifulco, Antonia and Jacobs, Catherine and Oskis, Andrea and Bunn, Amanda and Spence, Ruth (2021) The child attachment style interview (Child-ASI) and depression: preliminary findings. Educational and Child Psychology 38 (1). pp. 62-74.
    fulco, A., Damiani, R., Jacobs, C., Bunn, A. and Spence, R. (2019) Partner violence in women – Associations with childhood maltreatment, attachment style and Major Depression. Maltrattamento e Abuso all’Infanzia, Aug (16), 13- 28
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